Tweaking bit to Vivaldi Browser

The Birth of a New Innovative Browser

At first sight Vivaldi has a good design, well structured in the distribution of spaces, whether in the Desktop or Smartphones, it’s elegant.

Tweaking Vivaldi

We Go to search bar and write: vivaldi://settings/startpage and we select a custom or default background.

We Add Web Searcher in: vivaldi://settings/search
You can choose between DuckDuckGo, Ecosia or StartPage

DuckDuckGo: This is a search engine that avoids collecting your metadata, including geolocation, search logs…
Ecosia: Is a search engine focused on repopulating green areas in certain parts of the world affected by climate change.
StartPage: You use Google spiders but without registering your search activity.

Now comes the fun part

We go to the search bar and type: vivaldi://flags and we activated DNS over HTTPS, known as DoH:

DNS over HTTPS, is an experimental security protocol that prevents third parties from intercepting your personal information using DNS queries over port 443 (SSL).

Primary DNS

It is convenient to set the primary DNS client to: (some ISPs have conflicts with to get a similar result is this: